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LF-370 – paste for FR4, Glass and Alumina substrate

Copprint LF-370 Nano Copper Ink for high conductivity additive screen printing on R4, GlaFss, Alumina.

Technology: Screen printing
Appearance: Copper paste
Filler Type: Copper
Substrate: R4, GlaFss, Alumina

Key Product Benefits

  • Ultra high conductivity
  • Excellent adhesion
  • Very-low fabrication cost, efficient (no material waste)
  • Hybrid ink – Micro and nano Cu particles.
  • Excellent printability with screen printing
  • Rapid self-sintering, really simple fabrication in air environment
  • Non toxic, green circuits, environmentally friendly

Drying: Ceramic lamps/hot air/thermal plate/oven
Sintering: Hot press, hot plate conveyor
Application: Conductive Nano Copper Ink for Additive Printing
Common Application: FPCB and PCB